The project LIFE09/NAT/IT/000 149 called LIFE + BOSCO INCORONATA is dedicated to the conservation of habitats and species in the “Bosco Incoronata” Regional Natural Park. It was co-fi nanced by the European Community and 3 entities were involved (one coordinating beneficiary: Municipality of Foggia - Bosco Incoronata Regional Park Authority, and two associated beneficiaries: Centro Studi Naturalistici Onlus and University of Foggia). It began in 2010 and ended in December 2016.

Thanks to the measures taken, about 200 hectares of natural habitat in the Park were restored and preserved. 50 hectares of Mediterranean pasture were restored by converting into natural prairie a part of the municipal agricultural land (Action C3). 5 dry wall stones were installed in the Park prairies for the benefit of reptiles, (Action C5). Forestry projects have helped improve and restore a total of about 70 hectares of woodland, both initiating the conversion of the reforestation of eucalyptus and pine trees in the precious and rare lowland forest with the elimination of alien species and the reforestation of small clearings of local Virgil oaks (C6 and C1 Actions), and repopulation with native plants in areas where the forest was fragmented, by removing exotic plants along the Cervaro river in the precious “gallery” woods (C4 and C1 Actions) that wraps or should wrap each watercourse.

The Park has been repopulated with species of amphibians and reptiles from the Breeding Center, where eggs of frogs, green toads and common toads, collected from sites at risk, were bred up to the advanced metamorphosis stage (small frogs), while common and marsh tortoises were kept or made to acclimatize and then all specimens were released in the Park (C7 Action).

Finally, thanks to the project, 500 shelters for wild bats (bat boxes) were placed on the Park trees, while a bat roost was installed in an unusable structure (C8 Action).

Alongside these “concrete conservation actions”, which are the heart of the Life projects, there have been significant scientific monitoring activities to verify progress and results, as well as dissemination and public awareness of the project and its management


THE PROGRAM LIFE+ is the EU’s financial instrument for environmental protection, which co-finances environmental activities in Member States and in some non-EU countries bordering the Mediterranean basin and the Baltic Sea, as well as in the countries of Central and Eastern that are candidates to join the European Union.

The general objective of LIFE + is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of policies and legislation on the environment, including the integration of the environment into other policies, thereby contributing to sustainable development. In particular, LIFE + shall support the implementation of the Seventh Community Programme of Action in the field of Environment (7th EAP) set up by Decision No. 1386/2013/EU “EU Environment Action Programme to 2020 ‘Living well within the limits of our planet’”. LIFE + Nature and Biodiversity, in whose specific context is found the project titled “Conservation and restoration of habitats and species in the Bosco Incoronata Regional Park” aims to contribute to the implementation of Community policies and legislation on nature and biodiversity (Directive 92/43/EEC, “Habitat” and Directive 79/409/EEC, “Birds”), and, therefore, of the Natura 2000 Network.